Kay K.

"Great work, very satisfied!

I have used the services from My Limo 4U around 10 times now for their airport service and have been very pleased with them. Overall I am very pleased with how the work of them went. I will definitely continue to use them and I highly recommend their services.

Regina J.

"I have no intention of ever using anyone else!

I have used My Limo 4 U many times and they just provide excellent service. I have had situations with cancelled flights or last minute changes, just different obstacles which migh have made the reservation a litttle bit difficult. They have always been more than accommodating of whatever the situation was. I have recommended them to several people.

Ralph C.

"I used them all the  time.

My Limo 4U is a great service and I use them all the time. I go to Houston probably 3-4 times a year and I use their service every time. The service is very good and they always arrive on time. The employees are reasonable as is the pricing. I don't use anybody else.

Kyle S.

"I like them a lot. Great Service.

I'm satisfied with My Limo 4U and I really like them. I don't have a lot of time right now but I would give them 5 out of 5 stars. I've never had a problem with them and I will use them again. Great service.

Alicia P.

"Awesome!!! Their name means a lot because they are absolutely phenomenal for each and every encounter! My Limo 4U has one of the highest standards of professional services and transportation rendered. They have the ultimate professional staff who are always engaging in their jobs and ensure that the customer has the best mode of transportation and experience that can be offered. I would recommend them to family, friends and neighbors.

Florence W.

"Great service!

I have used My Limo 4U on multiple occasions and it has always been a pleasant experience. The cars are well maintained and clean. The drivers are prompt and they arrive on  time. They are also very responsible, friendly and polite. They provide great service and I am very happy with them.

Stella K.

"Excellent service!

I have used My Limo 4U on multiple occasions and they provide excellent service. They are always punctual and they are there when they promise. They have great customer service and their staff are responsive and polite. Whenever I call them, I can be confident that my expectations will be met. They offer service that is professional, competent and courteous.

Sara H.

"Very satisfactory, excellent work!

I recently used the services from My Limo 4U for their airport transportation service and was very pleased with how my experience with them went. The driver was very friendly and professional. I had no issues with the driver or with the vehicle itself. The drive was quick and easy, and I was able to get to where I needed without any issues. I will definitely use them again next time I am in need and I highly recommend their services.

Lariza B.

"I am happy.

I call My Limo 4U a lot because I travel a lot and I'm a constant customer. They pick me up and sometimes I'll get a driver who talks a lot; sometimes I'll get a driver who is too quiet and doesn't talk at all. But is ok; I dont need them to talk to me. They are punctual and friendly. They offer water for the ride. I would recommend them for traveling with children.

Carrie B.

"Highly recommend them!

I have used the services of My Limo 4U more than once and they have done a consistently good job. They are professional and on time and the people are just very friendly. They are just great and I would recommend them highly.

Ezequiel S.

"Timely and great pricing!

I have used My Limo 4U a couple of times in the past so far. They are very reliable company that always arrives on time when i need a quick trip to/from the airport. Prices are very reasonable and the drivers provide me with great customer service. The vehicles are always clean and I will continue to use their services in the future.

Mary B.

"Very clean and very classy service!

I used these folks to help my 88 year old mother fly down to southern California to see her Grandkids for Christmas. It could not have gone better. Great comunication, very presice on the pricing, very helpful with her needs at the airport. I recommend them highly and will continue to use them in the future.

Kristi P.

"Very professional, always on time, pleasure to work with.

I like My Limo 4U because they are very professional, they are always on time and they are just a pleasure to work with. The prices are average in my opinion. I will continue using this service because they are just a great service provider.

Alissa S.

"Over  2 years of Great Service!

My Limo 4U has picked me up from the Houston Airport many times over the past 2 years. I have ordered both the car and the limo in the past. They always do a fantastic job. The drivers are wonderful and present themselves very professional. Their prices are reasonable compared to similar companies. I highly recommend you check out My Limo 4U, they are awesome!

Daniel C.

"Prompt and reliable.

My Limo 4U did a good job. I have used them before and I keep on hiring them because they are always prompt and reliable, which is all you need in a car service. I recommend them.

Sonya H.

"Easy to use!

I have been using the limos of My Limo 4U for about four or five years now. We use them all the time. It is so easy to use their services so we keep going back to them. They have great service which always results in a great experience. I definitely recommend them to folks who need quality limo service. I plan to continue working with My Limo 4U.

Charlotte M.

"Highly recommended!

We used the services of My Limo 4U to get to and from the airport when we were visiting my brother's house. Their man was prompt and on time; he was where he said he'd be, when he said he'd be there. He offered us water, which was very nice. Just all around good service. I would definitely use them again.

Diane W.

"Fantastic and easy experience!

Communications were wonderful. Made me feel at ease that someone would be there to pick me up, and on time.

Have scheduled future pick up.