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You can sign up now to our $25/month membership and get this:

  • A Discount of 15% off for every second pickup trip to book with us. (ex. first trip=full price, next trip=15%off)

  • A Complimentary 2/3 or 5/6 days hotel/resort stay for your next vacation.

  • You can take the 2/3 days hotel/resort vacation after the 6th month of your membership.

  • You can take the 5/6 days hotel/resort vacation after the 12th month of your membership.

  • Every month that you are a member you will get free $100 to $500 extra discounts on restaurants, local services and travel.

  • You will get great vacation deals sent to your inbox weekly.

  • No long commitments, cancel anytime. For cancellations just sent us a message here.

WEEKLY SPECIAL: Get 1 Free Hour when you book with us. Click here for more info.  --------  Don't  forget about our Bonuses, when you book with us.

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